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As a software development company specializing in custom software development consulting, we focus on developing software that is built and customized to the requirements of our clients. This involves the entire development process, from ideation and conceptualization to design, prototyping, testing, and production. Our main goal as a development company is to create high-quality software that meets the needs of their target market and provides value to their customers.

Strategic execution

Domain Expertise


Idea Generation

We start by coming up with ideas for new software or improving existing ones. To do this, we carefully review customer feedback, conduct market research, and hold brainstorming sessions to get creative.


Concept Development

After we generate an idea, the next step is to shape the concept of the software. This includes figuring out the main features, advantages, and the audience we want to reach with the software.


Research and Analysis

In this stage, our team does research to collect information about the market, competition, and what customers need. This helps us fine-tune the Software idea and spot any challenges that might come up.


Design and Development

Based on the research and analysis, our team moves on to design and development of the software. This phase involves crafting mockups, prototypes, and final specifications to guide both the design and development processes seamlessly.



After finishing the software development, we test and validate it to make sure it meets the customer's requirements and specifications. This can include user testing, beta testing, and other methods of validation.



After the software has passed testing and validation, it's set for launch. This includes crafting marketing campaigns, establishing sales channels, and getting the software ready for users to use.


Post launch evaluation

After launching the software, our team assesses its success by considering customer feedback, sales data, and other metrics. This process helps us pinpoint areas for improvement and enhance the software for future releases.

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We Aim To Improve The Quality Of Our Products While Simultaneously Reducing Costs

Custom Development & Marketing

Aqlix IT partnered with Onboarding Mate, enhancing UI/UX, developing a dynamic website, and refining marketing strategies for a robust digital presence, offering top-notch web design and web development services.

Complete Successful ERP Software System

Leveraging Oracle Apex, our tailored software for Infinity Amusement streamlined processes, reducing task completion time from hours to minutes, boosting efficiency.


Shared successful experiences

Thanks to Aqlix IT Solutions, my software problem was resolved swiftly and efficiently. Their team’s expertise and dedication to solving the issue were impressive. I’m extremely satisfied and relieved, and I highly recommend their services to anyone facing software challenges.

Project Manager

Working with Aqlix has been an absolute game changer for us. Their proactive approach and unwavering support sets them apart. They have demonstrated their commitment to our unique needs and provided tailored solutions. We highly recommend for their outstanding service, dedication, and expertise. They have become an invaluable extension of our team.

Marc Bernardo
CEO Of OnBoarding-Mate
We are working with Aqlix from last 2 years and it has been great experience. I am very happy to have decided to work with a group of dedicated professionals who are willing to solve all my Digital Marketing requirements.
Manohar Sharma
Director Of Milani Solar

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