Infinity Amusement Case Study

Infinity Amusement LLC: Your Coin-Op Source Discover Success with Your First-Class B COAM Partner We specialize in delivering top-tier cabinets, games, and accessories to our clients, leveraging weekly and monthly data analytics alongside thorough market research. Our commitment is to offer the utmost quality in service and equipment, ensuring our clients receive the best. Our […]

On-boarding Case Study

Germany’s Trustworthy Private Health Insurance Covering every step with you Experience a streamlined digital application process with seamless policy management, supported by dedicated English language assistance. Embrace the convenience and efficiency of our fully digitalized services, tailored to enhance your experience. Say goodbye to tedious paperwork and hello to streamlined processes, ensuring a smooth and efficient […]

Complete Successful ERP Software System

Complete Successful ERP Software System   Problem: Infinity Amusement used to face significant challenges in efficient operational management due to the outdated manual process which significantly consumed time. The company was reliant on Excel sheets for EFT Management which proved inefficient as it required intense manual efforts and consumed 5 to 6 hours further impeding […]

Custom Development & Marketing


Custom Development & Marketing   Problem: Facing the challenge of establishing a strong foothold in the competitive expatriate services market, our client Onboarding Mate encountered several obstacles. The lack of a strong brand identity and user-friendly digital presence was hindering their ability to attract and retain clients effectively on their platform. Additionally, without a well-defined […]