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We specialize in delivering top-tier cabinets, games, and accessories to our clients, leveraging weekly and monthly data analytics alongside thorough market research. Our commitment is to offer the utmost quality in service and equipment, ensuring our clients receive the best. Our goal is to entertain and offer people a reprieve from daily stressors. As a privately owned COAM operator, we have expanded to become one of the largest in the state, a testament to our dedication and success in providing exceptional entertainment experiences.


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The Client's Problem

Infinity Amusement used to face significant challenges in efficient operational management due to the outdated manual process which significantly consumed time. The company was reliant on Excel sheets for EFT Management which proved inefficient as it required intense manual efforts and consumed 5 to 6 hours further impeding the company’s growth potential. Recognizing the efficiency requirements to thrive in today’s competitiveness Infinity Amusement sought our expertise to address these pressing issues and optimize workflow.

Solution provide by Aqlix Team

We used our innovative approach and expertise in Oracle Apex technology, to develop an advanced software solution tailored to Infinity Amusement’s specific needs. By automating EFT management and streamlining processes, our software significantly reduced the time that was required to complete tasks from 5 to 6 hours down to just 5 to 6 minutes. Such efficiency optimization not only eliminated the inefficiencies associated with manual data entry but also empowered Infinity Amusement to enhance productivity, improve accuracy, and focus on driving business growth.


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"Thanks to Aqlix IT Solutions, my software problem was resolved swiftly and efficiently. Their team’s expertise and dedication to solving the issue were impressive. I’m extremely satisfied and relieved, and I highly recommend their services to anyone facing software challenges."

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