Custom Development & Marketing



Facing the challenge of establishing a strong foothold in the competitive expatriate services market, our client Onboarding Mate encountered several obstacles. The lack of a strong brand identity and user-friendly digital presence was hindering their ability to attract and retain clients effectively on their platform. Additionally, without a well-defined marketing strategy, they were struggling to differentiate themselves and showcase their unique value proposition in the highly competitive industry. These issues collectively impeded the organization’s growth potential and hindered its ability to reach its target audience efficiently.



Our team of dedicated experts at Aqlix IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd, leveraging our expertise in UI/UX design, web development, and comprehensive marketing strategies under a single umbrella, partnered with Onboarding Mate to transform their business trajectory. Through state-of-the-art UI/UX design enhancements and the development of a modern, intuitive, and interactive website, we provided Onboarding Mate with a powerful digital platform to engage and convert visitors effectively. Furthermore, our tailored marketing and business strategy guidance has enabled Onboarding Mate to refine its messaging style, target its ideal audience segments much better, and establish a compelling brand presence in the industry.