What Makes Oracle APEX A Must-Use Tool For Businesses Today?

There is no doubt about the fact that in the competitive world of today, leveraging the right tools and resources has become a game-changer element in any industry. With business scaling, a much more agile approach can provide you with a significant advantage over other businesses.

One such solution that marks the new era of the application world is Oracle APEX. It can be summarized as the bypass of complexities involved in the application development process with no compromise over the qualitative aspects.

What exactly is Oracle APEX?

To help you understand in simple terms, Oracle APEX is a low-code application development platform. It helps you to develop scalable and secure enterprise-level applications that are deployable both on-premise and cloud with exceptional capabilities.

With the help of Oracle APEX, your business can gain significant expertise by developing and deploying unique and interactive applications that can comprehend and solve real-life problems. Having this technology at your disposal, you don’t need to have expertise in various application development domains to deliver top-notch applications.

Oracle APEX provides an end-to-end solution for application development including every aspect of application development and deployment. It includes database object creation, data loading and unloading, REST API generation, and other wide arrays of facilities for smoother application functioning.

How does a business benefit from Oracle APEX?

r every business offering products or services, having a smooth customer interaction platform is a must needed element in the digital space. As most businesses offer tailored solutions through their business applications, Oracle APEX plays a key role here by offering a wide range of possibilities.

Easy to use

You won’t find any complexity of installing complicated programs on your system to use Oracle APEX. You can simply get all the development done in a web browser without the need for any other software. It eliminates the complex system of mapping between rational and application objects, data connection proliferation, and middle-tier application logic.

Rapid Development

Oracle APEX enables a low code browser-based environment that removes heavy coding burdens through its data-driven capability. The major source of defining of middle application structures in middle tiers is eliminated with Oracle APEX.

Moreover, one more benefit that Oracle APEX offers is the requirement of remote APIs for a big majority of use cases. Having the unconventional architecture APEX completely eliminates remote calls to the database

Light and On-Budget

Though in general, running an application in a database is a heavy and expensive process, this is not the case with Oracle APEX. Rather in comparison to middle-tier applications, Oracle APEX comparatively uses way fewer resources.

This is how it happens.

In the case of middle-tier applications, three containers are deployed per microservice for getting High availability. Due to this each container needs considerable memory and compute power. It also requires a significant amount of calls to access data from the database and render it on screen. This process is comparatively 10 times slower when compared to directly calling within the database.

With Oracle APEX requiring no server, the runtime application state is stored in tables which allows the re-use of connections across servers. Through this feature, you require very few connections for the development process. In a broader picture, Oracle APEX requires comparatively fewer database resources and hardware resources as much as 100 times less compared to middle-tier applications.

Easy to deploy

Complementing the pace of faster development, Oracle APEX also offers easy app and data deployment compared to other applications. Since everything encompasses within the database you don’t need to develop and manage complex middle tiers.