New Technology Of 2020 Flutter

Flutter is a software development kit created by Google that helps in the development of fast and attractive mobile apps for iOS and Android.

The distribution of Flutter apps in the Google Play store grew rapidly. Multi-platform applications are gaining popularity in recent times, along with the ever-increasing demands of the business and skyrocketing competition.

Advantages of using flutter

1. Fast app development

With feature like Hot-Reload, code changes in Flutter application are reflected easily. Hot reload allows teams to add new features and correct and make changes to current features.

Hot reload usually takes no more than milliseconds, which in turn helps developers maintain high speeds and quality for mobile app development.

 2. Reduce testing effects

As flutter apps are cross-platform, testers don’t always need to run the same suite of tests on different platforms like iOS and Android for the same app.

This saves the time of testing team. Thus, Flutter is widely used by every mobile app developer to deploy, test and deliver mobile apps more quickly.

3. Access native features

Flutter application developers can easily access the native features of low-level machines where Flutter is initiated. Because it is cross platform in nature, codes written in Java, Objective-C, C++ etc., can be reused again and again.

4. Easy to use

Flutter is easy to set up and use. Flutter can be used on low-cost operating systems and highly functional systems, so Flutter doesn’t need powerful machines to run properly. Plus, Flutter doesn’t require significant coding knowledge.

 5. Cost effective

Flutter is a completely cross-platform and because it is simple and easy to use, the cost of developing mobile applications is greatly reduced. As, Flutter conveniently comes with a portable user interface toolkit, the time spent by application developers on Flutter is reduce in half.

Disadvantages of Flutter

Although flutter has many interesting features, it is still not enhanced as native application. Flutter has following disadvantages:

1. Limited libraries

Since the framework is still in its new stage, you may not find all the features you need.
It does not always provide all the necessary functionality to the developer. Such features must be developed by application developers alone.

2. Heavy files

The flutter framework has disappointed developers after the Hello world app got to 6.5MB. Even when it was dropped to 4.5MB, it remained significantly bigger than Kotlin that is 550KB and native Java that is 543KB.

3. Skills

While Flutter is easy to use, it still requires some programming knowledge, and the Dart that Flutter uses is just not as popular as C, C ++, Java, and other languages. As such, developers must first take the time to learn Dart, which adds to the cost of any deployment.


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